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Type: Nano Sumo 
Built by: Scott Davis 
Cost: ~80 dollars 
Completion Time: 2 months hrs. 
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Comments and General Information:

Nano sumo robots must fit within a 2.5 cm cube.

This is a nano sumo in the works... For this bot, I need to figure out how to get the line sensor closer to the front. A dead on attack at the line kind of teater-totters the bot on the edge... any less straight approach all is good. Of course since I have one line sensor I have no way of determining which side of attack the bot has hit... so avoidance is a problem. I will work on getting two line sensors in front in my next nano sumo version.

Components and Parts:

My components:
  • 1 Sharp IS471F Proximity Detector
  • 2 small infrared LED's
  • 1 hamamatsu P5587 IR Phtoreflector
  • 1 Megabitty robot controller board
  • 2 1/3CR 3 volt lithiums
  • 2 hacked up slotcar wheels
  • 1 highly 'dremel tooled' Combat DigiQ gearbox/motors


chiisai chiisai chiisai



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