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Dandroid 2002
Dandroid 2002

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Type: Mini Sumo 
Built by: Scott Davis 
Cost: ~100 
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Comments and General Information:
This was my first 'non lego' robot. As you can tell, it ain't the prettiest of subjects, but I did learn a lot in the process. I wanted to try something different that what I saw in all the other begining sumo platforms, and make it bidirectional with no front or back. I succeeded in accomplishing that task, and it ran rather nicely. However, at the Robomaxx competition in 2002, I wanted to make some 'last minute' changes and ended up sabotaging the robot so that at most it could barely 'wiggle' when the first sumo match started. Oh well.

Components and Parts:
1 lynxmotion next step board 1 javelin micro controller 2 sonar modules 6 nicads 2 hi torque servos custom cut graphite base 4 hamamatsu photoreflectors (line detection) WAY to much extra wire





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