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Type: Other 
Built by: casey j. holmes 
Cost: $80 
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Comments and General Information:
I built this robot to test my modular cds light seeking sensors. the current cds sensor is now smt, and under a 1/2" square. The one on this robot was my through-hole prototype. it is the little tan PCB that looks like the "eyes" or the "head" of the robot. it also has obstacle IR sensors and obstacle bump switches. it is pretty good at avoiding obstacles and seeking light. I bet it would do good in a light maze! Might try that one day. a 9volt battey and 4 AA's power the robot. (big black boxes on the side of the basic stamp 1 microcomputer). The cool part about this robot is how I set up the servos with the servo potentiometers nicely tucked up under the back, and easily adjustable... but won't be hit by anything else. A varry reliable and good working test-bed robot. only problem is you can't program basic stamp 1's in windows XP... oh well.. I use my neighbors computer =>





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