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Type: Mini Sumo 
Built by: Tim Weaver 
Cost: ~$250 
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Comments and General Information:
LandShark is my second mini-sumo. It was my attempt to fit really big motors into a mini-sumo package. The speed and power from using big motors is really nice. The only problem is the battery drain.

Components and Parts:
Motors and mounts: The motors are about 90g each and nearly 100mm long. At 18V they do 600RPM. Since the motors have 33:1 planetary gear-heads already there is no reduction to the wheels just transmission of power via plastic gears. The motor mounts are laser cut 1/4" plastic with some drilled and tapped holes for mounting them to the PCB. Tires and wheels: The tires are a three part urethane rubber molded onto laser cut plastic wheels. For a smooth ride there are two ball bearings in each wheel. PCB: The PCB is a custom design and Rev2 is nearly finished. =) Rev1 has a motor driver problem and needs more short range sensors. Processor: Atmel Mega128 The Mega series of micro controllers from ATMEL are really nice. The Mega128 has plenty of functions and expandability. Even better is that GNU GCC has been ported to these processors.


LandShark LandShark LandShark
LandShark LandShark



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