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Infrared Control Freak

Type: Robotic Community 
Built by: Colin Bacon 
Cost: €25 
Infrared Control Freak
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Comments and General Information:
Infrared Control Freak is a sensor module designed for robot development, research and gaming.

Infrared Control Freak


Components and Parts:
The IR Control Freak offers proximity detection, IR remote control and simplified inter-robot communication or even beacon direction finding. It is designed to offer a new dimension in hobby and eductional robot projects using a two wire serial interface connection to a robot controller (e.g stamp, megabitty, handyboard, etc.)

The Infrared Control Freak module is controlled via a 2-wire serial interface to a robot controller (e.g. basic stamp). IR Control Freak reads and decodes proximty information and then sends it the robot controller. It also has neat 'circular display' on top to indicate the direction of the nearest obstacle.

Other commands are available for sending Sony (SIRC) IR pulses for robot tag games, or IR remote control, IR Beacons, etc.

IR Control Freak uses the serial port for receiving command codes and for sending back information on Infrared Proxity Data detection, button and device codes from a Sony IR remote control.

The device is also design for robot gaming such as robot tag, strategic robot battle games where simple inter-robot communications is required, maze running, Robot Sumo competitions, Biomimetics simulation & insect navigation behaviours, etc

IR Control Freak is at the moment undergoing some stringent beta testing. when finished, I will make also available for sale.

Do you need more information? See the Beta Tester's User Manual


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Infrared Control Freak Infrared Control Freak Infrared Control Freak
Infrared Control Freak Infrared Control Freak



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