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Type: Lego Sumo 
Built by: Chris Jorgensen 
Cost: $200 
Completion Time: 14 hrs. 
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Comments and General Information:
Junk never competed because, quite frankly, I didn't think it would win. It had powerful servos (that were used in three later robots) and a decent scoop, but terrible balance. At a PARTS meeting, I placed it in a mini sumo ring next to a robot name Goliath. Junk immediately saw Goliath and attacked—at which point it drove up Goliath's scoop and tipped over backwards. I decided to redesign it after that. It later become the robot Just Big Boned, which ironically couldn't even compete! Junk now exists only as a bare lego frame, glued together forever and serving as a test dummy for newer robots. It was named for its junky appearance.

Components and Parts:
Engineering Successes:

  • Cheap
  • Fast
  • Good traction/speed/torque
  • Sturdy frame (bolts, glue, and legos)
  • Smooth-working gearset
  • Quick responding sensors
  • Cool "Superman" startup tune

Engineering Failures:

  • Poor weight distribution
  • Poor balance
  • Light
  • Recycled Mark I botboard used



Junk Junk Junk
Junk Junk



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