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Type: Human Interaction 
Built by: Chris Schur 
Cost: $200 
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Comments and General Information:
Ostracode is a completely autonomous mobile robot which travels exploring the upstairs level in our house. Wanders constantly, avoids any obstacles in path, be it laying on the floor or taller. Moves forward normally and when it encounters an obstacle it responds by an avoidance program, chirps randomly using a synthesized cricket sound, the speed of chirping dependent on the encounter situation.

Components and Parts:
He is powered by twin processors, a Parallax B2-SX and a PIC12F629 microprocessors. Two Fituba servo motors power his movements, and an 8 AA pack Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack putting out 10.5 volts powers him. His weight is balanced toward the rear with the battery pack, and there you'll find the third caster type non driven wheel. A fourth encoder wheel rides exactly in the middle of the drive wheels and is used by the PIC to determine if he is slipping while driving forward. Sensory input is from 4 front and rear microswitch bumpers, 4 Modulated IR Panasonic proximity detectors, two under and two over the mid section. Also, two front facing Cadmium Sulfide photocells provide for day night detection and photo tropic tracking.


Ostracode Ostracode Ostracode



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