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Type: Human Interaction 
Built by: Dan Gates 
Cost: ~$3,000 
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Comments and General Information:
S.A.M.M. (Servo Actuated Mechanical Man) is my Biped humanoid robot, believed to be the first American made "Humanoid". I got tired of seeing the Japanese building so many bipeds and almost every country was at least working on them, but for some reason America didn't seem to have an interest in building them.
So I set out to build my own to prove to myself that if they can do it, we can do it. It was my hope to inspire others in America to start working on Bipeds and frankly I was tired of hearing things like "I wish I had a good CAD program to design a walking robot" or "If I had the right tools, I'd build a biped" so I set out to prove that it could be done with napkin type drawings and common inexpensive shop tools.
S.A.M.M. is made from sheets of acrylic plastic that can be found at any sign shop. Designed, layed out, and tested with cerial box cardboard, and finally cut from the plastic using a small drill press, a scroll saw, a bandsaw, and a belt sander and bonded together with acetone.
No more excuses! the parts can be obtained a few at a time so your pocket book doesn't shrivel up, and a person could build a joint a week in their spare time... So what are you waiting for, robots will rule the world someday, do you want them ALL to be Japanese?


S.A.M.M. S.A.M.M. S.A.M.M.
S.A.M.M. S.A.M.M.



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