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Type: Human Interaction 
Built by: Hesham Elsaghir 
Cost: $300.00 so Far 
Completion Time: 20.00 hrs. 
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Comments and General Information:
This is a new robot in the design process. I am planning to use to be able to interface my microcontroller system that I am designing. will add sensors, controls and maybe some voice controls

Components and Parts:
I am consentrating my work on the Electronics and control system of this robot. the body of the robot is self took a lot of work but I am an electrical engineer and that is my research. First I designed the PWM DC motor control board. it is my second two sided PC Board that I make my self. Second I designed a Development PC Board with PIC16F876 on it. it is a surface mount chip and has a ICSP cable. so far I have tested all these PC Boards and they work great. I am also so proud of my design of the robot body. it is so balanced that it can drive in straight line and turns in the center of the robot.





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