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Stiquito Controlled

Type: Walker 
Built by: James Conrad 
Cost: 20.00 
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Comments and General Information:
Stiquito is a small, simple, and inexpensive six-legged robot. It is 75 millimeters long, 70 millimeters wide, 25 millimeters high and weighs 10 grams. When a circuit board is mounted on top of the robot, the assembly extends another 10 millimeters length-wise. The robot is constructed of fewer than 45 parts of which 12 move: six legs bend in response to six nitinol actuator wires. Nitinol wire, trade named Flexinol™, is an alloy of nickel and titanium that contracts when heated. It is also called shape-memory alloy. Most parts of the robot perform more than one electrical or mechanical function, but the design can be easily modified. The robot is intended for use as a research and educational platform to study computational sensors, subsumption architectures, neural gait control, behavior of social insects, and machine vision. The robot is powered by two AAA batteries and controlled with a small PCB containing a Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontroller. It is capable of carrying up to 50 grams while walking at a speed of 3 to 10 centimeters per minute over slightly textured surfaces such as pressboard, short indoor-outdoor carpet, or poured concrete. The feet can be modified to walk on other surfaces. The robot walks when heat-activated nitinol actuator wires attached to the legs contract. The heat is generated by passing an electric current through the nitinol wire.

Components and Parts:

  • 1-Stiquito Controller Board with attached 2 cell AAA battery holder and 30 AWG copper wire-wrap wire
  • 1-Molded plastic Stiquito Body
  • 1 x 100 mm-K&S Eng. No. 100 (1/16” outside diameter aluminum tubing)
  • 5 x 100 mm-K&S Eng. No. 499 (0.020” music wire)
  • 600 mm-Dynalloy 0.004” Dia 70 C (100um) nitinol wire (FlexinolTM)
  • 70 mm-20 AWG copper hook-up wire (bus bar)
  • 1 each-320 or360-grit sandpaper
  • 1 each-600-grit sandpaper
  • 7 each-Brass Screws, 0-80, 5/8” long (including one spare)
  • 19 each-Brass nuts, 0-80 (including one spare)
  • 7 each-Brass washers, size 0 (including one spare)



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