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Type: Walker 
Built by: Harold Ilano 
Cost: $60 
Completion Time: 1 month hrs. 
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Comments and General Information:
Tank uses 5 micro servos for the legs and the head. It has 5 tactile sensors including 3 "panic sensors" (as I call it). The panic sensor is used, to stop the head from seeking a light (as well as head damage) and backs-up immediately to get out in a stuck situation when bumped into a leg of a chair or table. Those panic switches are located on its head and the 2 shoulders. The left and right long tactiles are for obstacle avoidance. Tank is actually a modified version or enhanced version of the unique ScoutWalker 2.2 and some ideas from Unibug 2.0 and Strider (of Mark Tilden). But Tank uses a bicore head with left and right limit switches.

Components and Parts:
5 micro servos, 3.6 volts Ni-Cad batteries (3 "AAA"), lever switches, tactile switch (from most TV's, etc), large paper clips, solid copper wires for the legs, different sizes of guitar strings, heat-shrink tubings, gas stove springs and a home-made circuit board of ScoutWalker 2.2. It also includes some circuits such as an Flashing yellow LED charging indicator and a charging socket.


Tank Tank Tank
Tank Tank



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