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Star Trek: Enterprise
Now on Fridays at 8PM on UPN.

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Type: Entertainment 
Built by: Andre Stubbe 
Cost: 300 - 500 ? 
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Comments and General Information:
Curiosity is desire. The desire to discover something. The movements of Outerspace are based on its curiosity in exploring the surrounding space. It looks for light, motion, finally contact. As he finds something interesting, this again increases its curiosity, to find out even more. The same thing happens in the mind of the observer, when he approaches the object.

Components and Parts:
The body consists of three limbs, fibreglass pipes, connected by joints. Four servo motors control these limbs over wires and pulleys, three for the joint movements and one for the vertical rotation. The head, the uppermost limb, carries 5 photo sensors used as eyes for brightness and simple motion recognition. All limbs have capacitory sensors that react on human body contact. Two BX-24 mircocontrollers are used for input and controlling of the motors. The controllers are conntected to the serial ports of a PC, where all calculations are made by special Java™ software.


Outerspace Outerspace



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