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Type: Entertainment 
Built by: Casey Holmes 
Cost: $75 
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Comments and General Information:
to be updated ASAP!

Components and Parts:
MEGABITYY, front, rear and edge detecting, tilt sensor, light seeking sensor, custom delrin machined chassis with a 4 stage pico servo gearbox utilizing a screw gearmount shaft system, andparts from the new tiny r/c tanks from fries for $10 measures 1 1/2" cubed in depth description to follow this robot was made to test my programming skills reliably. i added a push button switch to an input port with a resistor for selecting behaviors/programs. right now it goes from edge detection and light seeking to light avoiding and wall detection sequence with a lil dance when it finds a wall... to another program and so on and so on at the push of a button. as many different programs as i put it, i give them each a different led blinking sequence to tell between the first and last programs. the track system is holding up good (being built almost a year ago now) with no problems. the rubber band tracks are easily changable in 1 second. I'd like to make more of these robots for group intercomminication studies, but just dont have the time. this is one cool little robot =)





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