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Type: Entertainment 
Built by: Mark Weston 
Cost: $200 
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Comments and General Information:
This robot was built as my class assignment for CCPS607 Autonomous Mobile Robots at Ryerson Polytech in Toronto, 2004. It is based on an Atmel 90s8535 cpu and programmed using Bascom-AVR Basic. It has two aluminum side arms that detect the table edge, forward facing Sharp distance sensors to avoid obstacles, and downward facing Fairchild I/R sensors for line following. Total build time across the four month course was about 80 hours. It's loosely based on the chassis of a child's toy crane, but I quickly out-lived the capability of the toy and replaced the motors and geartrain with a set of 12v motors that were epoxy-puttied into place. The blue box was constructed from expanded PVC similar to Sintra and houses a large breadboard with all of the electronics.

Components and Parts:
Atmel 8535 cpu Sharp GP2D15 distance sensors Fairchild OPB704 I/R sensors 12v 50rpm gearhead motors





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