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Spider 1

Type: Entertainment 
Built by: Mark Weston 
Cost: $200 
Spider 1
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Comments and General Information:
Spider 1 was the first robot I built, although not my first finished. The controller is at Atmel 90s2313 cpu handwired on a protoboard. Programming is through a custom 5 pin cable to a PC's parallel port, and runs Bascom-AVR Basic. The frame is entirely made of aluminum hard drive hub rings, welded together using hobby aluminum welding rods. The tripod gait is operated by a pair of Hitec HS-300 servos and a Tower Hobbies 1/4 scale TS-75 servo controls the center two legs. The servos are connected to the legs using R/C hobby ball joints and wire coat hanger control arms.

Components and Parts:
Aluminum frame Atmel 90s2313 cpu 6v Ni-Cad R/C battery Handwired controller 2 standard servos 1 heavy duty 1/4 scale servo


Spider 1



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