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Little Johnny

Type: Human Interaction 
Built by: Dan Gates 
Cost: ~$900 
Completion Time: hundreds :-) hrs. 
Little Johnny
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Comments and General Information:
Little Johnny was inspired by the movie Short Circuit, I built him as a robot that could go with me to schools and demo's to get the attention of those I speak to. Johnny is capable of speech, body heat sensory, compass guided navagation, three degree's of freedom in each arm, bending his body and tilting his head.

Components and Parts:
Main Processor unit: MIT's Handyboard.
Locamotion: Power Horse toy tractor treads.
Arm Movments: Hobby Servo's.
Vision: Hamamatsu Pyroelectric sensors.
Speech: SP0256 speech synthisis.
Obsticle Aviodance: 3 Sharp GP2D12 Analog IR Rangers, 1 Polaroid sonar module, 2 bump switches.
Programming Language: Interactive C.
Power: 9.6v 1100mAh NiCad Battery pack.



Little Johnny Little Johnny Little Johnny



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