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Sensory Overload

Type: Mini Sumo 
Built by: Steven Easley 
Cost: $100.00 
Completion Time: 50 hrs. 
Sensory Overload
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Comments and General Information:
Sensory Overload was designed and built To compete in the
2005 Botlanta Mini Sumo contset. Unfortunatly the contest
was canceled :-(.
All of he code was written in assembly but is being ported into
the BoostC compiler as writting code in assembly is growing old.

This bot is still in progress.

Planned Improvments:
Sensors that look out sides and back
Line sensors in back of robot
Maybe motors that are faster


Components and Parts:

Electrical Parts:
Brain: PIC16F876A @ 20MHz
Line Sensors: 4 x QRE1114 (Only 2 work)
Distance Sensors: 2 x Sharp GP2Y0A21YK
Motor Driver: 2 x TPIC0108 (TI)
Mechanical Parts: All from
Wheels: Tamiya Racing Tires
Motor: 2 x Solarbotics GM3
Chassis: Custom acrylic and lucite chassis
Batteries: 2 x 18500 Lithim ion batteries (Regulated to 5V)



Sensory Overload Sensory Overload Sensory Overload
Sensory Overload



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