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Feeling Blue

Type: Line Follower 
Built by: Steven Easley 
Cost: $50.00 
Completion Time: 10 hrs. 
Feeling Blue
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Comments and General Information:
Feeling blue was designed and built as en experimental platform
to test he PIC16f876 which I had never used before. Feeling
Blue is the first robot that I ever built. All of he code was written
in assembly.

It is designed to be a line following robot but never really
worked that well. The two wheel design caused a lot of problems
in trying to keep a constant distance between the ground and the

All in all the bot was fun to build and taught me a lot about
the PIC micros.


Components and Parts:

Electrical Parts:
Brain: PIC16F876A @ 20MHZ
Line Sensors: 5 x QRD1114
Motor Driver: L293
Mechanical Parts: All from
Wheels: Tamiya Truck Tires
Motor: Tamiya Dual Motor Gearbox
Chassis: Pololu round chassis
Batteries: 4x AA NiCD 700mAh



Feeling Blue Feeling Blue Feeling Blue
Feeling Blue Feeling Blue



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