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Springy Thingy

Type: Entertainment 
Built by: Camp Peavy 
Cost: $1000 
Springy Thingy
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Comments and General Information:
In 1999 I decided I wanted to build a robot for Burning Man. This was the beginning of “Springy Thingy”. Initially Springy was strictly a computer based robot. I would follow behind her with a joystick. In its autonomous mode it utilized David Heiserman’s “Alpha level machine intelligence” theory. Eventually I added radio control and Stamp based autonomous behavior where it would track an IR beacon. I would basically have her follow the beacon until she detected it in her gripper and then grasp it and stop; kind of like a dog looking for and finding its chew-toy.

Components and Parts:
Stamp BS2p40; Mini-ITX; QuickCam; Cheesy Gripper Arm; Fiberoptic Hair (very pretty)


Springy Thingy Springy Thingy Springy Thingy
Springy Thingy Springy Thingy



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