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Rope Climber

Type: Lego Original 
Built by: Dave 
Cost: $300 
Rope Climber
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Comments and General Information:
Rope Climber has been built for the rtlToronto Lego Robotics Event - Rope Climbing. In a nutshell - build a robot that can find and climb a rope. Sounds easy right? Not! In the tradition of rtlToronto, there are some interesting rules to make this more challenging. First off - the robot must fit within a 8x8x8 square on start. The trick - the rope is hanging 12 inches off the ground. The robot must "grow" to catch the rope. The robot must also start 36 inches from the rope. This requires it to be able to drive and find the rope. The 8 inch requirement also is important to consider once the robot reaches the top. In order to win, the robot must be above a marker placed on the rope. This marker will be 12 inches from the top. This robot extends to 14 inches, so it must also "contract" when it detects it is at the top.

Components and Parts:
RCX 4 motors touch and light sensors.


Rope Climber Rope Climber Rope Climber
Rope Climber



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