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Eezy Fasheezy

Type: Mini Sumo 
Built by: Kevin Jorgensen 
Cost: $120 
Eezy Fasheezy
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Comments and General Information:

PDXBot.03 Summary:

Renamed as Eezy Fasheezy, this robot was designed and built by my brother, Kevin Jorgensen. (I did, however, wire it for him.) The robot has a history of bad luck. In its first year, the OOPic board had an unseen short; in its second year, a servo's gears broke. As a result, its speed and torque are drastically worse than they should be. It lost to the robots LandShark and Fluffy, and was eliminated from competition. Its OOPic is the same chip from Giskard.

PDXBot.02 Summary:

The night before the contest, an unseen short fried out all of the analog ports on the OOPic. Considering we had only analog sensors, this was a huge disaster. Eezy Fasheezy, in its two contests, managed to spin around blind and fall out of the ring backwards.


Components and Parts:

Engineering Successes:

  • Great weight distribution
  • Great grip
  • Good speed/torque
  • Effective scoop
  • Cool paint job

Engineering Failures:

  • First year: fired board, thus no sensors
  • Second year: broken right servo
  • Weak frame (actually broke the first year)
  • Buttons worked poorly
  • Mystery "off mode" occurrences
  • One blind IR sensor
  • Bad luck



Eezy Fasheezy Eezy Fasheezy Eezy Fasheezy
Eezy Fasheezy Eezy Fasheezy



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