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Thor (Poopsie)

Type: Mini Sumo 
Built by: Kevin Jorgensen Sr. 
Cost: $160 
Thor (Poopsie)
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Comments and General Information:

PDXBot.03 Summary:

Renamed as Poopsie, and piloted by my sister Kourtney, this robot lost both its matches for PDXBot.03. It was knocked out of competition by none other than Lil' Fashizzle, in what had to be the slowest and most tame battle of robots I've ever seen. The two robots had a 1 minute draw, then two slow victories for Lil' Fashizzle. In practice matches, the two robots proved to be an even match for one another. Its only modification from the previous year was the addition of red/black electrical tape and stickers.

PDXBot.02 Summary:

In its debut contest, then named as Thor, Poopsie lost to Goliath, defeated Giskard (which actually went out of the ring by itself, basically forfitting the match) and then was knocked out by a Mark III kit. It was piloted, designed, and built by my dad, who to this day claims Goliath started before the 5 second delay time elapsed, causing his robot to lose.


Components and Parts:

Engineering Successes:

  • Smart search algorithm
  • Near-perfect weight (496g)
  • Good vision
  • Good tires (grip, diameter)
  • Successful use of wood for frame
  • OOPic A2.0 microprocessor
  • Duel edge detectors

  • Poor flip-down (often starts pointing away from opponent)
  • Slow
  • Lunging, instead of smooth, movement
  • Large
  • Lack of side sensors
  • Scoop not flush with ground



Thor (Poopsie) Thor (Poopsie) Thor (Poopsie)
Thor (Poopsie) Thor (Poopsie)



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