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Type: Mini Sumo 
Built by: Mark Hall 
Cost: $0 
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Comments and General Information:

PDXBot.03 Summary:

Tru.dat was entirely constructed the day before the contest, using the recycled parts from Giskard and the board from Just Big Boned. At about midnight, the leads on its photosensor connected and fried the EEProm. In a panic, I replaced the sensor with a switch, which causes the robot to bounce like crazy until it hit the edge and stopped due to a lack of delay. (It bounces by jerk forwards and backwards quickly, causing the scoop to pop up and down.) I found the experience depressing, since it was working very well before the short. It lost both matches, though did manage to knock a robot out of the ring in one match's second round. I will be buying replacement parts for it, and continue to improve upon it in conjunction with my neighbor Mark Hall.


Components and Parts:

Engineering Successes:

  • Fast
  • Good torque
  • Good weight distribution
  • Solid frame
  • Free (only old parts were used)
  • Gotta' love the stickers

  • Blind
  • One-shot attack (hits edge and stops)
  • Odd bouncing problem
  • Flip down inconsistent
  • Large



Tru.Dat Tru.Dat Tru.Dat
Tru.Dat Tru.Dat



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